Case Study: How having a sense of humour through social media can build business and strengthen customer relationships

B2B use of social media FreeAgent case study

The story of how an accounting software company used social media to retain and gain new customers and build existing relationships

Can accounting software be life-changing?

For some, the answer is a resounding yes. FreeAgent is a multi-award winning online accounting system specifically for freelancers and micro businesses, and some of their 40,000 customers feel quite passionate about how much easier it’s made doing business for them. So passionate that they’re often quick to share the love on social media:

Tweets like these sparked the imaginations of the FreeAgent Comms department, and an idea was born. They would share the love back by writing and performing personalised love songs to anyone who tweeted them something lovely and kind over the past year. On Valentine’s Day*, FreeAgent tweeted each person back with a link to their surprise song on YouTube. They also created a hub page so that all of the songs could easily be viewed in one place. Every song was a personal “thank you” for sharing the FreeAgent love, and included their original tweet. To make sure that none of their other loyal customers felt that they weren’t loved too, FreeAgent kept the momentum going by taking requests on Twitter throughout the day. They even took the bold step of allowing requests to suggest topics or song styles. In the end, FreeAgent recorded 37 songs – 28 beforehand and nine throughout the day.

Highlighting that ‘customer love’ in a campaign did a number of things:

  • Let their customers tell their story for them
  • Helped attract new customers in a genuine way
  • Built upon their playful brand tone to generate awareness
  • Set them apart from their competitors
  • Raised awareness of the FreeAgent brand and demonstrated their phenomenal customer love
  • Showed off specific product functionality
  • Generated social shares of videos and tweets from subscribers and partners alike
  • Generated social awareness and shares about the overall campaign

And it also generated a lot of positive and tangible results, including:

  • 2487 video views
  • 106 retweets, replies and favourites during the day
  • 191 social shares of the landing page
  • 234,034 total reach on Twitter and Facebook

When customer @danjdavies tweeted

The lovely @freeagent wrote me a song :)

his pal @ItsRab tweeted

@danjdavies @freeagent I’m going to switch to FreeAgent now.

And that, really, is what it’s all about. FreeAgent plans to randomly surprise customers throughout the rest of the year with lovesongs, just because.

Have a look for yourself at

* On Friday 13 February, actually

Lisa Robb

Lisa Robb is Head of Customer Communications at FreeAgent, a multi-award winning cloud accounting system designed to meet the needs of freelancers, micro businesses and their accountants.

Lisa has worked in Digital Marketing for over 10 years and has an MSc in Digital Marketing Communications from Manchester Metropolitan University.