Digital marketing audit by The Digiterati: digital health-check service


Would you like your website and digital marketing activities to be given a digital health-check?

You know you could be doing better online, and you know that your website and processes have become clunky and inefficient over time.

Websites tend to get added to and added to rather than edited down. Copywriting throughout the site tends to be an extended “About” page rather than written with the user in mind. Navigation and site structure may well have started off well but as more and more content has been added, it’s increasingly difficult to find anything.

Your social share buttons were last updated in 2010 and you’re not sure half those platforms even exist any more.

You’re aware that new entrants to your market have slick new websites, fully optimised for mobile that also seem to feature all manner of cool apps and ideas.

You’re aware that digital *should* be streamlining your back office activities, automating processes that your staff have been doing for far too long. You know that “Digital Transformation” has been happening to your competitors but you’re unsure about the technology, or bogged down with legacy data and systems.

Introducing The Digiterati’s digital health-check service

Starting with your website we’ll give you an honest audit of your digital successes and failings. We’ll provide helpful advice on what you can do better and identify the tricks, tools and processes that can help you achieve it. Whilst that we do will be tailored to your objectives, and your unique situation, the service can cover:

  • SEO – keyword usage, inbound links, meta data,
  • Internal search
  • Engagement opportunities – social sharing, Tweet This buttons, data capture opportunities
  • Structure and site architectureDigital Marketing Healthcheck
  • Integration of social media
  • Social proof
  • User experience
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Online value proposition
  • Copy writing
  • Digital psychology
  • …and any other areas you wish us to look at.

Prices start from just £399 and if you then choose to opt for some of our in-company training, you’ll get your money back!*

If you’d like more than an hour, that’s fine too!

We’ll deliver for you a video screenshare with one of our experts talking through your social media platforms. We’ll record this and you can then save it and share with your team. If you prefer a written report or a live session instead, this can also be provided.

Let’s get started

To book your Digital Marketing Health Check just place your order using our secure online PayPal payment service. You will be asked to provide full details of your objectives and the channels you wish us to examine immediately following the payment.

Service package:

Social media health-check

We can also do you a social media health-check giving honest and constructive feedback and advice on your presence on Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube, Instagram and more.

Money back service

If you use our digital health-check service and subsequently decide to buy any in-person training we will refund the full value of the health-check.

The small print – in-person training must take place within 8 weeks of the health-check. Maximum refund equal to the amount spent on the original health-check.

Prices exclude UK VAT at the prevailing rate, if applicable.