Facebook Page “MOT” Audit: our Facebook business health-check service


In the UK cars must go through an annual check, called an MOT, to ensure that their safety and performance is up-to-scratch.

An MOT will often show up a problem that the owner was previously unaware of which when fixed results in better efficiencies and performance.

In Facebook marketing terms, that problem or oversight could be costing you fans, reach or engagement – and therefore leads and sales!

At the very least it will mean missed opportunities.

Our Digiterati Facebook Page MOT will systematically audit your Facebook presence and check for out-of-date approaches, under-performing elements and missed opportunities.

You may be unaware of a new feature, or surprised by a change in the News Feed algorithm that has resulted in throttled reach. The Facebook Page MOT will alert you to those issues and The Digiterati can guide you through the changes you should make going forward.

We use a systematic auditing approach and provide detailed comments in each area as outlined below:

Page Basics
Page name
Vanity url
About text
# fans
Left hand navigation / tabs
Other Pages liked

Customer service

Responsiveness to users
Visitor posts
Customer service issues
Use of Messenger and automation
Range of content types
Value proposition
Frequency and timing
Reactions, comments and engagement
Sales vs valuable content
Created vs curated content
Hashtags and tagging
Call to action
User generated content
Creativity / innovative approaches
Other algorithm issues
Trigger words
Clickbait, spam
Trending topics
Promotional content


Cover photo
Profile photo / copy
Link and photo images
Suitability across devices

Data capture opportunities



All our Facebook audits are carried out by Marie Page, the UK’s leading Facebook marketing experts, Huffington Post contributor and author of Winning at Facebook Marketing with Zero Budget.

We can additionally extend the MOT service to include a Facebook Ads account, Facebook Insights and other Facebook activity such as Facebook Groups and personal profiles. Please ask us for a quote based on your particular needs.

Let’s get started

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