Facebook Page reach up by 60% since November 2015

Yes you read that right. According to a new study by Locowise, reach on Facebook Pages has perked up somewhat since hitting the doldrums at an all time low in November 2015.

Of the Pages considered in the study, average reach was 11.41% for March 2016.

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As we’ve reported in recent months, video is the reach conqueror with an average video post reaching 12.81% of the audience. Photos hit 12.04% and links 10%. Plain text status updates reached 6.45%.

We’ve asked Locowise to clarify how many Pages were used in this study (previously they have research 5,000 Pages of various sizes) as the reach figures seem very high in comparison to other studies of recent months.

Reach may be up but engagement is down

Post engagement is down 25.57% since May 2015. Average post engagement in March was at just 4.92% of the people reached. This correlates with research from numerous other studies over the last six months. Even mainstream media have picked up that people are tending to engage less, aware that their friendship nets are now very wide, and also, presumably, better educated that their comment or like on a brand Page could well surface in friend’s newsfeeds as well as be read by thousands of total strangers.

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Video also wins in the engagement stages with 5.16% of people engaged with a video compared with 5.11% engaged with a photo post. Status updates show engagement of 4.74%, with links bringing up the rear with just 3.8% of people reached engaged.

Other updated Facebook facts and figures

50 million businesses now use Facebook pages. And over a billion of Facebook’s users are connected to at least one business page: in the States, that’s over 80% of users.

Growth in Page likes is up 0.18%, the largest growth Locowise has seen since November 2015.

Facebook now has 3 million active advertisers with 500,000 new advertisers being added every six months.

42.15% of the pages considered in the Locowise study used Facebook advertising in March. They paid for 30.01% of their total reach.

Is your reach still in the doldrums?

With more and more brands creating Pages on Facebook, the newsfeed is simply getting busier. With only 11% (and this is the most optimistic study we’ve come across in years) of your fans seeing your content, you either need to get a lot smarter at posting organically, or start using advertising well.

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