Our training approach

Unlike many marketing consultants, as The Digiterati we do not “hoard” our knowledge. We are passionate about training and knowledge sharing, equipping clients and training delegates to learn from our expertise and go back to the business equipped to implement best practice tools and techniques in-house.

You’ll see this knowledge sharing approach in our blog and newsletter content as well as our training.

The key elements of The Digiterati’s training approach are:

  • Learning from the best – incorporating concepts and examples from a range of organisations both in-sector and out-of-sector companies
  • Celebration and critique – review of existing delegate company marketing practices
  • From unconscious incompetence to conscious competence – equipping delegates with know how that will transform their practice
  • Active learning – practical approaches that seek to push the boundaries of creativity and unlock fresh ideas
  • When do I start? – takeaways, frameworks, tools, fresh ideas and a personal action plan which enable delegates to return to the workplace brimming with enthusiasm
  • Knowledge sharing – the trainer is not the only intelligent being in the room! The workshops are highly interactive and include plenty of opportunity for sharing with other delegates as well as brainstorming approaches relevant to the client company

Training is practical and interactive with an emphasis on actionable “takeaways” for delegates to implement in the workplace.

Digital marketing training is delivered in a number of settings:

  • In-company training for businesses and agencies – from one-to-one support to larger groups, we have an extensive portfolio of off-the-shelf training topics, and we’re always happy to create something new, unique to your needs
  • “Public” training days – currently in Manchester and London, open to any digital practitioner
  • Online Masterclasses – 2-3 hour interactive webinars covering the content from our face-to-face training days
  • Online “Insider Insights” – free 20 minute tasters of our full days

When working in-house we often provide a day of training followed up a few weeks later with a workshop exploring how the new approaches have been implemented with a view to further enhancements and ideas for creativity.

In-house training can be extensively tailored to the context of the company sector and the specific needs of the business and team. A “Celebration and Critique” of existing practices can also be part of the service.