Jab, jab, jab, lead magnet, tripwire, hook: sales funnels that convert

Online sales funnel
"We tried Facebook advertising but it didn't seem to work for us." The above is a very common response I've heard when trying to argue the merits of advertising on Facebook with a new client. "Ah but what was your sales funnel?" will generally be my response. To be met with a blank look. Interruptive advertising to cold audiences doesn't work Too many businesses are using Facebook ads in the unsophisticated "interruptive" advertising methodology of past centuries assuming that if we jus...

Why you should use Facebook dark (unpublished) posts

Why you should use dark posts on Facebook
Back in the day (and I'm talking something like 2013) the only way you could get nice big images in newsfeed ads was to create a dark (unpublished) post and then promote that. It was a neat, but somewhat laborious, workaround until Facebook finally got round to awarding click to website ads decent visibility. So I've been somewhat bemused since then to hear experts such as Gary Vaynerchuk continuing to endorse the merits of the dark post. Of course they are useful for split testing ads ...

As a digital marketer can you relate to any of these?

Sounds familiar? Struggling to keep up with all the changes in digital and social media Lacking confidence in your skills Concerned that despite your years in the job you're not rocking digital and social as well as you might Overwhelmed with the choices of platforms and approaches Not sure you're really doing the *right* things on social media Confused about all the options Lacking the time to fully master each channel Social media results not as easy as you expected...

Cracking Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm: a New Definition of Edgerank

Facebook Pages are not what they used to be. It may (or may not) come as a surprise to discover that only a tiny proportion of the content published by Pages that you “Like” actually reaches your News Feed. Some studies put this percentage (known as “reach”) at as little as 2%. Even the most optimistic of studies suggest that little over 11% of a Page’s fans will see its content. This is due to the existence of a filtering mechanism Facebook uses that employs a complex algorithm. Witho...

Why Facebook Offers aren’t just for brands that sell “stuff”

How to use Facebook Offers
Unusual content types on Facebook have a degree of novelty about them that inevitably gains attention with fans and therefore better organic reach. Facebook Offers are one of those content types that are under utilised and therefore barely considered. Access to creating an offer is easy - just click on the top of the place where you normally write your status updates: You'll then be presented with four hugely under utilised content types: It's my experience that each of the a...

Facebook Groups for business: your new secret weapon

Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups win for reach and a whole lot more Some studies put the organic reach of your average Facebook post at just 2% of fans. That's pretty poor return on the hours of investment you've put into creating content. You can see a graphic representation of just how that translates below. Of all your fans only tiny proportion will see your content unless you pay to promote it.   People are also increasingly reticent to like and comment on posts in a public Page (Facebook are cal...

Why you should upload links not photos to Facebook

This is a short fun post to make a point about Facebook reach. When you upload a link you get much better reach than uploading a photo. Here's the evidence (and this repeats in multiple studies): Plus if you upload a photo first you'll only have one place to write copy on Facebook AND you'll have to put the link into the copy. It's also irritating for users because clicking the photo won't take them to the landing page. We'll be covering this topic in more depth in a Maste...

Running a competition that doesn’t land you in Facebook jail

Facebook competitions
I've lost count of the number of messages I've sent to friends who have shared a competition to my timeline in the misinformed belief that in doing so they stood a chance of winning a prize. Not only does the competition touting Page in question have little clue as to who has shared it's spammy post (your privacy settings will be why), but it actually faces a real possibility of landing in Facebook jail with reduced Page access or even the immediate removal of the Page. Running a competiti...