Facebook Zero: How have our recommendations for Pages changed?

Facebook Zero
I'm writing this a few days after what has become known as Facebook Zero. The day that Facebook appeared to suggest we might be looking at a future of zero organic reach for Pages. I've read through reams of recommendations from experts and been inundated with ads on my News Feed from gurus offering the solution to fix the problem of Facebook Zero. And it all got me thinking about how my own recommendations when I'm training clients might change. What I'm now recommending to clients in...

Cracking Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm: a New Definition of Edgerank

Facebook Pages are not what they used to be. It may (or may not) come as a surprise to discover that only a tiny proportion of the content published by Pages that you “Like” actually reaches your News Feed. Some studies put this percentage (known as “reach”) at as little as 2%. Even the most optimistic of studies suggest that little over 11% of a Page’s fans will see its content. This is due to the existence of a filtering mechanism Facebook uses that employs a complex algorithm. Witho...

Which social media platforms use an algorithm and what does that mean for marketing?

Google was one of the first major search engines to use a sophisticated algorithm to determine the relevancy of web pages in search results. Their 'PageRank' algorithm - together with a ton of other signals - became synonymous with Google and rendered many of the incumbents useless almost overnight. Goodbye Excite and Lycos. Most social media marketers will be aware of the mysterious and ever-changing 'EdgeRank' algorithm employed by Facebook. EdgeRank - which is not too dissimilar in concept...