Are you ready to meet the press?.

Preparing to meet the press
Many entrepreneurs are apprehensive about meeting and talking to the press, says business journalist and media trainer Jon Card who writes this guest article for us. 5 media interview lessons for business owners An interview with a journalist and the resulting press coverage can be a worry for business leaders. This is understandable as the British media has a fearsome reputation. Furthermore, most interviews you see or hear are carried out by broadcasters. But the interview techniques employe...

9 ideas for using Pokemon Go as a local business.

Pokemon Go Lure Module for local business
I'm doing some social media training next week for a client in the tourism industry. Given that the main objective is to increase visits to attractions in the area I wanted to spend some time thinking about how the Summer of 2016's big craze, Pokemon Go, could contribute. Now I'm not a big gamer but my son (now a 22 year old games designer and software developer) is, and Pokemon was one of the things he loved as a little kid on a Gameboy. So this was a nice little project we could conn...

Great free tool for researching username availability.

Check your bran username on social media
I've set a fair few businesses and brands up over the years and the art of choosing a name has become more and more challenging. Back in the day it was simply a case of checking you weren't infringing a trademark or using the same name as someone else in the local/national scene. But with the expansion of the internet, mass numbers of new businesses as well as cyber squatting, you now need the all important as well as your local country ( variant plus of course a suit...

Better business networking.

I was approached by a writer recently researching a piece for the Royal Bank of Scotland's ContentLive website for businesses. Rather than do a telephone interview I decided to write down a few thoughts on networking. And I thought I'd share them here. What would you have added? On the principles of networking I think it’s important to listen more than to talk. Not only does that make you a nicer person to be around but in a networking sense you can then better adapt your story to serve that p...

Black Friday equivalents around the world: a cross cultural bargain bonanza.

Black Friday is now a big retail event in the UK and places including Canada and parts of Latin America.  But you’d be wrong in thinking this is the world’s only mega retail day. While the Black Friday phenomenon doesn’t occur in all parts of the globe, many markets have their own retail bonanzas that positively dwarf it. The US Black Friday bonanza America’s ‘Black Friday’ retail event is now several decades old. Once US consumers finish celebrating Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday ...

Tool Tipoffs: BrowserStack and Mention. Guest tips from Espen Johannessen..

BrowserStack Mention Reviews
Digiterati member Espen Johannessen shares two inexpensive tools he has found helpful: Browserstack and Mention. BrowserStack for live, web-based browser testing BrowserStack gives you instant access to all desktop and mobile browsers. If Google Analytics is telling you that conversions rates are low for a large proportion of your visitors using Internet Explorer 10 on a Windows 7 computer there is no need for you to call up your elderly relatives asking for them to check something on...