About The Digiterati

Every business is on a digital journey with varying needs and challenges. Our team of senior marketing practitioners – with extensive backgrounds at world-leading brands and agencies, SMEs and startups – design training that delivers value at every level, building and strengthening your team’s digital capability across a range of digital marketing disciplines.

The Digiterati training and consultancy services give businesses the confidence and skills to become digitally empowered – enabling them to do it for themselves – to create better, longer and more profitable relationships with their customers.

How are we different?

Our team are all experienced, senior digital marketers – so you’ll only ever deal with director-level consultants
Our network includes some of the most able and experienced digital marketing practitioners in the business
We bring critical thinking and innovative, creative solutions to your big issues
We’re a virtual agency, so we don’t charge inflated prices to cover the cost of expensive London offices
Who we’re not

We’re not a marketing agency. We won’t hoard knowledge or keep you locked into a retainer – our goal is always helping you to build your own world-class digital capability. That’s why training (and giving away our know how) is an important part of what we do. And unlike many agencies, the senior staff don’t disappear as soon as the purchase order is signed.

We’re not management consultants. We’re not turning our hands to digital like it’s just another project – our practical, first-hand knowledge means we know exactly how to meet the digital challenges you’re facing. And we know that using digital to create lasting, impacting business transformation never ends with a lofty strategy and a fancy presentation.

We’re not digital trend chasers. We’re not aiming to make viral videos or get your Twitter hashtag trending – unless we can prove it’s going to make a positive, lasting impact on your business. Big follower numbers are great, but engagement is better. And we never chase the newest big thing without considering how it actually fits in with everything else you’re doing.