Marie’s interview on current affairs show ITV Tonight: Facebook data and ads targeting special

Marie Page on ITV Tonight with Adam Shaw
I've just come back from being interviewed by journalist Adam Shaw for ITV's current affairs programme Tonight. It airs on 3rd May. Getting the 'Zuckerberg-before-Congress' treatment from a significantly better informed interviewer than a cavern of crumbling Senators was only slightly less terrifying while I defended Facebook's use of data in enabling small companies to efficiently target people that may genuinely be interested in their services. In true journo fashion Adam continually re...

[Opinion] Wetherspoon deletes all social media

wetherspoons quits social media
“I can’t wait for the next Facebook post from Wetherspoon” thought nobody. Ever. Has the pub chain become the first to admit that the Social Media Emperor wears no clothes? Businesses typically race into social media thinking it’s a form of free advertising without understanding the platform dynamics and the true purpose and value of social, either to themselves or the billions of people using it. For Facebook users (i.e normal people) the value is to connect with people. People use socia...

Harnessing the Power of Facebook Groups: BrightonSEO Talk

Marie Page's conference talk at BrightonSEO Transcript for the video and BrightonSEO conference talk:  Over a year ago the media started reporting on a phenomenon called Context Collapse. Facebook was apparently terrified because despite spending increasing amounts of time on the platform people were sharing less and less intimate information about themselves. We’ve since seen a slew of new features such as “On This Day” that encourage people to share updates. [Tweet "BrightonSEO co...

Harnessing the Power of Facebook Groups Part 2

BrightonSEO Facebook Groups Bonus Content
The bit of the talk that didn't make the cut for BrightonSEO Most BrightonSEO talks are just 20 minutes long. It's tough cramming everything into a topic in that time. So inevitably I ended up culling a lot of my slide deck. This video and blog post covers the bits that got edited out. Still super useful for anyone about to launch or thinking about launching a Facebook Group. If you missed Part One you can find it here. Blog post variant of a transcript for the Part 2 video below: Group ...

Why NFO is the new SEO

How Facebook’s News Feed works (and what you need to do about it) With recent announcements about updates to Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm widely hitting mainstream media, a greater interest in this ever-evolving secret ranking system has emerged. And with Facebook's daily active user number dwarfing those of any other platform, News Feed Optimization (NFO) has become the new SEO, at least where social media is concerned. The values governing Facebook’s News Feed have historically been t...

How to Drive Traffic With Your Facebook Cover Photo

This article was originally commissioned and published by Social Media Examiner. You can read their edited version of the article in the link (it's had over 3,000 shares!) but below is the original unedited version. Using your Facebook cover photo as a data capture tool As a Facebook Page admin how often do you change your Page cover photo? And more importantly, is your cover photo earning its keep? In this article you will find some examples of organizations making their Facebook cover ...

Facebook News Feed Optimization (NFO)

Facebook News Feed Optimization
News Feed Optimization - the art of optimizing your Facebook content for the News Feed algorithm Unless you strike it lucky with a truly viral post only a tiny percentage of your Facebook Page's fans or followers see the content your Page churns out. This is due in part to sheer quantity of information vying for a place in the News Feed and also the filtering role that Facebook’s News Feed algorithm plays. Utilising over 100,000 signals in deciding what to surface in News Feed, each pie...

First glimpse of new Facebook Group Admin Tools Hub

That didn't take long! As announced by Facebook Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox last week (see my blog post on the announcements), a change has been made to Facebook Groups pulling all the Admin tools and insights into a single place. We are currently only seeing the new feature on mobile and, as with any major change, Facebook is highlighting the new feature:   The admin hub is designed to help Admins streamline their management of the Group and ease the day-to-day tasks such ...