Is it best to boost a post on Facebook, promote a post or create an ad?

Boosted post vs Promoted post vs Facebook ad: which is best? The choice of boosting an organic post from the Page or alternatively going into Ads Manager and creating as a promoted post (or indeed creating an entirely separate ad) is a hot topic of debate amongst Page admins. It's an increasingly important question in an era of what is effectively 'pay-to-play' on Facebook. Without the boost the likelihood of even 10% of your fans seeing the post is pretty low. On the one hand it is sup...

What is the difference between a boosted post, a promoted post and a Facebook ad?

Difference between facebook ad, promoted post and boosted post
Nowadays you have to pay to get your Facebook content seen by more than a tiny handful of your fans. A Locowise study found that 40% of Page post visibility was paid rather than organic and that figure is on the rise. Page Admins generally resort to the Boost button to increase the reach of their content but there are two other methods of creating an ad using an existing post or web page and this article examines how to create each of those and the differences between them. We'll look at t...

16 must-haves for any digital marketer

graduate digital marketing skills
We had a fascinating thread in our Team Digiterati Facebook Group recently when principal lecturer and course leader (Sarah Williams) from the University of Wolverhampton asked for some professional input on developing a new marketing management curriculum. Here are the responses - if you are putting together a job description or person specification for any digital marketing role these a worth a look! The principles of customer journey and sales funnel, and then how the different m...

Influencer marketing and Facebook pixel sharing: undercover advertising?

We spied an interesting example of Facebook ads targeting recently which led us on a reverse-engineering investigation of a marketing funnel with a difference. We had been on the HelloFresh website doing a little research for a client and got hit with a number of retargeting ads on Facebook as a result. These two were pretty standard: And sure enough, both were revealed as retargeting ads: (Note: if you don't know how to discover why you are being targeted on FB simply right cl...

Digital PR on a budget: How to get awesome press links for SMEs

Corinne Card, co-founder of Full Story Media and Coverage Class, gave a brilliant presentation at April's BrightonSEO which is totally on-topic for so many of The Digiterati's clients and subscribers. We've used a number of this tools and techniques ourselves and ended up with mainstream news and even TV coverage as a result! Here's her guest blog post on the topic of her talk and a video of the talk itself: If you want to get awesome press and links for your company, and you don...

Marie’s interview on current affairs show ITV Tonight: Facebook data and ads targeting special

Marie Page on ITV Tonight with Adam Shaw
I've just come back from being interviewed by journalist Adam Shaw for ITV's current affairs programme Tonight. It airs on 3rd May. Getting the 'Zuckerberg-before-Congress' treatment from a significantly better informed interviewer than a cavern of crumbling Senators was only slightly less terrifying while I defended Facebook's use of data in enabling small companies to efficiently target people that may genuinely be interested in their services. In true journo fashion Adam continually re...

[Opinion] Wetherspoon deletes all social media

wetherspoons quits social media
“I can’t wait for the next Facebook post from Wetherspoon” thought nobody. Ever. Has the pub chain become the first to admit that the Social Media Emperor wears no clothes? Businesses typically race into social media thinking it’s a form of free advertising without understanding the platform dynamics and the true purpose and value of social, either to themselves or the billions of people using it. For Facebook users (i.e normal people) the value is to connect with people. People use socia...

Harnessing the Power of Facebook Groups: BrightonSEO Talk

Marie Page's conference talk at BrightonSEO Transcript for the video and BrightonSEO conference talk:  Over a year ago the media started reporting on a phenomenon called Context Collapse. Facebook was apparently terrified because despite spending increasing amounts of time on the platform people were sharing less and less intimate information about themselves. We’ve since seen a slew of new features such as “On This Day” that encourage people to share updates. [Tweet "#BrightonSEO c...