Facebook News Feed Optimization (NFO)

Facebook News Feed Optimization
News Feed Optimization - the art of optimizing your Facebook content for the News Feed algorithm Unless you strike it lucky with a truly viral post only a tiny percentage of your Facebook Page's fans or followers see the content your Page churns out. This is due in part to sheer quantity of information vying for a place in the News Feed and also the filtering role that Facebook’s News Feed algorithm plays. Utilising over 100,000 signals in deciding what to surface in News Feed, each pie...

First glimpse of new Facebook Group Admin Tools Hub

That didn't take long! As announced by Facebook Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox last week (see my blog post on the announcements), a change has been made to Facebook Groups pulling all the Admin tools and insights into a single place. We are currently only seeing the new feature on mobile and, as with any major change, Facebook is highlighting the new feature:   The admin hub is designed to help Admins streamline their management of the Group and ease the day-to-day tasks such ...

Notes from the Facebook Communities Summit Europe

Chris Cox speech facebook communities summit
Missed the Facebook Communities Summit? Here are the key points from the keynote speech. Chief Product Officer Chris Cox flew into Europe to make some big announcements in relation to the new Facebook mission of building communities. In attendance at the two-day event were some of Europe's top Facebook community builders: group admins, event creators, and page admins. You can watch the video here but I've summarised the key points below: 4 new features for Facebook Groups This was...

Our Facebook Group is closing to new members

As we hit the 1,500 member mark we have taken the decision to shortly close the doors of our Facebook Group to new members who are not also members of our premium digital marketing learning service, Digiterati Academy. Don't worry if you're already in the Group and not an Academy member: you'll retain your free membership forever and are unaffected by the change. But why restrict the membership of a thriving Facebook Group? It's simply that we want to keep the Group a GREAT place for d...

Facebook News Feed algorithm update for Pages and news publishers

I stumbled across algorithm change insight gold this morning in the form of a series of screen grabs from a private webinar on News Feed updates from the new Facebook Journalism Project. The Next Web's Matt Navarra had tweeted the screen grabs (those I am showing here are from his Twitter account) and I've also managed to find a set of detailed notes from the webinar that Ned Berke has compiled. Together these shed light on what the algorithm changes mean for Pages, and in particular new...

[Case Study] Why one Page got hit really hard by Facebook Zero

The fallout from Facebook Zero has been very varied between Pages. Some are reporting little difference, and some, like the Page we are going to feature here, are experiencing  huge drops in reach. We were contacted a few days after the Facebook announcement of 11 January by Alexandre Cortez. Alexandre had grown a huge Page (I Love Pot) on the topic of recreational cannabis use (which of course is legal in some countries and on many others there is pressure to relax legislation) over a f...

Facebook has jumped the shark

  Prediction: Facebook's engagement metrics slipped in Q4 2017 In little more than 24 hours my bold (foolish?!) prediction is either going to be proved right, or I'm going to look a right cock. Let me explain why this is a watershed moment for Facebook and digital marketers either way... Facebook is under the cosh. Big time. It cannot be disputed that poor Facebook is on a bit of a downer at the moment. In the past 12 months or so it's been through the mill... Fake news s...

GDPR: Do we really need to pay attention?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018. It contains some of the toughest privacy regulations in the world. And it's likely to affect your business whether you like it or not. Its key theme - consent for marketing - puts the customer in charge of data (and the way you communicate with them) more than ever before. Larger organisations inside the EU are already relatively aware of the legislation and this week even Facebook has made a privacy-...