As a digital marketer can you relate to any of these?

Sounds familiar? Struggling to keep up with all the changes in digital and social media Lacking confidence in your skills Concerned that despite your years in the job you're not rocking digital and social as well as you might Overwhelmed with the choices of platforms and approaches Not sure you're really doing the *right* things on social media Confused about all the options Lacking the time to fully master each channel Social media results not as easy as you expected...

Cracking Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm: a New Definition of Edgerank

Facebook Pages are not what they used to be. It may (or may not) come as a surprise to discover that only a tiny proportion of the content published by Pages that you “Like” actually reaches your News Feed. Some studies put this percentage (known as “reach”) at as little as 2%. Even the most optimistic of studies suggest that little over 11% of a Page’s fans will see its content. This is due to the existence of a filtering mechanism Facebook uses that employs a complex algorithm. Witho...

Why you should upload links not photos to Facebook

This is a short fun post to make a point about Facebook reach. When you upload a link you get much better reach than uploading a photo. Here's the evidence (and this repeats in multiple studies): Plus if you upload a photo first you'll only have one place to write copy on Facebook AND you'll have to put the link into the copy. It's also irritating for users because clicking the photo won't take them to the landing page. We'll be covering this topic in more depth in a Maste...

SRT Made Easy: The Digiterati’s unique free software for making captions and subtitles for Facebook and YouTube video

How to create SRT files for Facebook video
How to create SRT files for Facebook, YouTube and Amazon videos With 80% of Facebook users watching videos with the sound muted, captions are an essential way of getting your message across. You can subtitle the entire video or simply display key messages that describe the video content. SRT files are the industry standard format for sub title or caption files for Facebook videos (including Facebook Live), YouTube, Amazon video and more. But creating SRT files is tricky and error prone ...

[New!] In-depth fan data on your Facebook Page + FaceBug fix!

People and Other Pages Facebook fan info
Drilling down for info on individual fans of your Facebook Page has always been very limited. As part of Facebook's new Page layout a bunch of new tools are emerging and the "People and Other Pages" data is awesome. Found (bizarrely as it would logically fit better in Insights) under the Settings tab, you can see a list of the people (and Pages) that like you Page, together with their profile pictures and the date they became a fan. I can see that this might be useful if you were going to awa...

New Facebook Page design: How to re-order the left and right hand columns

Manage Sections on Facebook Page Right Column
How to move the sections on your Facebook Page's left and right hand columns Facebook's new Page design may well have left your Page displaying some elements less prominently than you would like. The right hand column in particular can leave users scrolling for an eternity until they find the content they are looking for. Some of the sections in the left and right hand columns can be moved around.  In the left hand column scroll to the "Manage Tabs" option: You'll then get the change ...

How to share visitor (Facebook fan) posts to your timeline

Share visitor posts on Facebook timeline
With the recent introduction of new look Facebook Pages a few basic functions have apparently disappeared undergone a tweak. Most Pages allow their fans to post publicly on their timelines and these posts surface in the, now left hand column, "Visitor Posts". That column is now very hidden and requires a lot of scrolling down the Page to see it so visibility for the fan is going to be pretty low (it's one of the many reasons that brand that value original fan content prefer Groups where membe...

9 ideas for using Pokemon Go as a local business

Pokemon Go Lure Module for local business
I'm doing some social media training next week for a client in the tourism industry. Given that the main objective is to increase visits to attractions in the area I wanted to spend some time thinking about how the Summer of 2016's big craze, Pokemon Go, could contribute. Now I'm not a big gamer but my son (now a 22 year old games designer and software developer) is, and Pokemon was one of the things he loved as a little kid on a Gameboy. So this was a nice little project we could connect o...