Interim Outsourced Marketing Director

Hire a Digiterati senior consultant as your own interim Marketing Director

Our clients are often at a stage where they need strategic guidance and advice (not to mention implementation) on the full digital marketing ‘stack’ and ecommerce business approaches. This is much more than a simple project, and for this we offer an outsourced Marketing Director function on an interim or contract basis. 

Drawing on our very significant experience in multiple sectors and business sizes – from micro start-ups to blue chips – we are able to provide a rapid and cost effective solution that “plugs the gap” when there is a need for marketing and/or digital business expertise. 

While still providing a very much ‘hands on’ function, your outsourced Marketing Director – a senior member of The Digiterati team – is able to provide the strategy, direction and leadership you need. Working both at a senior level with the Board and management, together with managing, recruiting and coaching more junior members – or indeed working with external partners or agencies where relevant – the Marketing Director develops your own lean, focused and efficient in-house (or hybrid in-house and and outsourced) marketing resource. The outsourced Marketing Director works as if they were a team member in your business; attending relevant meetings, forming the marketing strategy, scoping and running projects and campaigns, designing and managing budgets (with appropriate approval process), KPIs and reports. An much, much more.

We provide this function to numerous clients, operating both remotely and on-site as required. One recent client, which struggled to recruit the right person, retained our services in this capacity for 18 months while they identified the right candidate for the role. We directly assisted in the recruitment and seamless transition to the incoming permanent employee. Other contracts have been for shorter periods during which we ‘fast-track’ their marketing strategy and get their processes, people and platforms set up and operating efficiently. In terms of practicalities, you have a named individual – typically one of The Digiterati’s directors, Carlton or Marie – acting as your own Marketing Director. You would normally provide them with an email address at your own domain so that they can act and correspond as one of your team. We invoice at the end of each calendar month, together with timesheet, for the services provided during the month. It is a financially efficient means of working because the Marketing Director provides their own equipment and is not an employee of the client and thus not on the client payroll, avoiding Employer NICs, pension and a whole host of employer red tape. Our fees are an allowable business expense. We are very familiar with the rules around IR35 to ensure neither party falls foul of this potential trap.

Typically we might provide between 1 and 3 days per week for a client as their outsourced Marketing Director, depending on their stage, needs and budget and our own availability and current client commitments. Often this may be front-loaded (i.e. more work in the earlier stage) as there is a lot to cover. But we are highly flexible and will work within agreed boundaries.

Contact us for to discuss your specific requirements and our typical fees.

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