Half-day Branding workshops

A number of intense half-day workshops on aspects of branding

Delivered by our branding specialist, Geraint Holliman, these workshops are the culmination of 15 years work as a marketing trainer, client and senior agency roles specialising an branding, strategy and content marketing. Geraint is a much in-demand international conference speaker but can also inspire and motivate the smallest teams.

Brand story-telling – half-day

Brands are being exhorted to engage customers with their brand stories. Stories have been used since the very beginning of human communication to get across powerful concepts and emotive images. How can brands use the power of storytelling to engage customers more effectively? In this session we will consider:

  • The psychology behind storytelling
  • The value of narrative communication
  • Structural elements of an effective brand story
  • The 7 magnificent concepts and 11 mental tools of great storytelling
  • Translating the story into powerful communication
  • A practical story definition methodology for brands

Personas and buyer journey mapping – half day

Buyer persona definition is rapidly becoming the defacto standard for audience segmentation in digital communications. The standard socio-economic criteria no longer provide enough rich detail about customer behaviors, motivations, interests and intentions. Once defined mapping the persona into the buyer journey provides valuable context for providing content and social messaging which contributes to converting buyer interest into real business. In this session we will consider:

  • The role of personas in communications
  • Persona formats
  • How to use personas to create more engaging communication
  • How to build your brand’s personas
  • The typical buyer journey
  • Mapping the buyer decision making unit (consumer and business)
  • Using personas and buyer journey mapping to create more relevant content

Challenger branding – half day

What is a ‘challenger brand’ and  what makes a genuine challenger brand different and how does that influence marketing behaviour?  Why is the challenger brand approach so effective?

  • What is a challenger brand?
  • What makes a genuine challenger brand different and how does that influence marketing behaviour?
  • Why is the challenger brand approach so effective?
  • Examples of famous challenger brands
  • The 8 credos of the challenger brand as identified in ‘Eating the Big Fish’?

Is your brand ‘Built to Last’? – half day

Applying the famous Porras and Collins ‘Built to Last’ thesis of 1994 we examine how some of the worlds most successful brands became truly visionary companies by adopting mechanisms for success whilst preserving their core ideology.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why are some companies successful over extended periods of time?
  • What are the characteristics of a truly visionary company?
  • Why are these companies built to last?
  • Why are visionary companies built for more than just profits?
  • What are the 12 myths of creating a truly visionary company?
  • What are the five mechanisms for ‘stimulating change’ whilst ‘preserving the core ideology’?
  • How do brands go from ‘Good to Great’ to becoming ones that are ’Built to Last’

About the Trainer

Geraint Holliman is a senior consultant and trainer at The Digiterati.

A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Geraint is a Chartered Marketer with extensive international experience. As well as client–side roles for Thorn-EMI, ASDA and Unisource he had a high calibre agency education with J Walter Thompson, Leo Burnett and Grey, followed by 14 years as an agency Managing Director. He is the author of one of the first ever academic papers published on Content Marketing: ‘B2B Digital Content Marketing: marketers’ perceptions of best practice’ (JRIM October 2014).

A regular blogger and speaker at industry events including Content Marketing World, Sydney and the B2B Marketing Summit London in 2015, Geraint has been researching, practising and training Content Marketing for some of the biggest technology and B2B brands around.

He has been a marketing trainer for over 15 years specialising in branding, strategy and content marketing and holds a Masters in Digital Marketing from Manchester Metropolitan University.