Copywriting for the web and social media

Why writing for digital is different, and how to approach it

People don’t read online copy in the same way they read printed words. To triumph in digital copywriting, it’s essential to understand how your audience is interacting with the words on your website.

In this day of training we’ll explain how people read online content and why that matters. We’ll teach you to write persuasive copy so you can improve results across all your digital channels including website, email, ads and social media. You’ll discover how to improve click-throughs and opens, drive conversion, and engender trust. We’ll explore good and bad practice examples and you’ll also get the opportunity to improve your content in a workshop session.


  • Understanding how people consume online content and why it’s different from print
  • Basics of online copywriting
  • How to craft compelling headlines and subject lines
  • Writing for your brand and finding your tone of voice
  • Importance of segmentation and writing for different audiences
  • How to assess your content’s performance
  • Examples of good & bad practice
  • Writing with SEO in mind
  • Writing for different channels
    • desktop/mobile
    • email
    • social media
    • online forms
  • Planning your campaign objectives and message
  • Copywriting exercises and workshop