Email marketing training

Email Marketing Wizardry: one day workshop


An in-depth day of interactive email marketing training tailored to your company and sector.

The course covers:

Introduction to email marketing wizardry

  • Brands leading the way with email
  • Trends to watch
  • The unchanging constant in email marketing

Advanced email strategy

  • Three strategic levers of email marketing
  • Emails role across the sales funnel and beyond
  • Integrated email marketing

Getting to the inbox

  • Deliverability myths
  • What really matters
  • How to monitor performance

Advanced segmentation

  • Four most common segmentation methods
  • Pros and cons of each method
  • Why R is biggest in RFM

Email automation and triggers

  • Strengths and weaknesses of automation
  • Making broadcast and email work together
  • Discover the best triggers for your brand

Advanced layout & design

  • The principle three C’s of conversion
  • What makes an image impactful
  • Plain doesn’t mean bad: successful email design approaches

Email content and copywriting

  • Using persuasion vs selling
  • Crafting subject lines that convert
  • Techniques writing effective email body copy


Course tutor: Tim Watson

Tim-Watson-email-marketing-trainerThe email marketing course is taught by Tim Watson. Tim focuses exclusively on email as a consultant and trainer and has amassed 14 years of email marketing experience across B2B and B2C brands. Working with B2C brand email volumes up to 90 million/month and automated nurture funnels for B2B and B2C. He uses a heavily data driven approach. An active international speaker and completed two full terms on the DMA Email Council. Clients include The National Trust, Swarovski, Lego, Channel 5, Aviva, uCheck, Nationwide and Getty Images.