Facebook Ads – awareness, leads, sales, revenue and more

Facebook Ads for business

Do YOU want to…

  • build awareness at scale?
  • drive leads, signups or other actions like sales or donations?
  • make sales and generate revenue?

Then YOU should be using Facebook Ads.

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Want to know why you should be using Facebook Ads? Read on…

Why? Because Facebook knows more about the interests, behaviours and preferences of people – YOUR target customers – than any other platform. Yes, even more than Google.

Using Facebook’s enormous stash of customer data you can reach the precise audience of people who will want to buy your product, sign-up for your service or donate to your cause. And much, much more.

Facebook ads vs Facebook organic posts

Many businesses and organisations have a Facebook Page. That’s great! But if all you do is publish posts to your Fans you’re really missing out.

Put simply, if you only publish organic Facebook posts on your Page you’re likely WASTING YOUR TIME.

Did you know Facebook only shows your posts to a tiny fraction of your fans? Typically 5% or less (sometimes a lot less).

So if you’ve spent a few hours writing a blog post which you share on Facebook don’t be disappointed when no-one shows up to read it.

If you’re running an offer, launching a product, or asking your fans to take action on your Facebook Page, don’t be upset when no-one notices it.

No-one is searching for you on Facebook. You have to cut-through the ‘noise’ and the only way to guarantee that is to PAY.

The solution – Facebook Ads!

Facebook is no longer interested in promoting your business for free. You have to pay, just like with almost every marketing channel – whether that’s online or offline. Ever heard of free TV ads? Nor us.

Do Facebook Ads actually work?

Absolutely! Here are some of the successes some clients have achieved with our help:

  • Our financial services client shared tons of great content on their Facebook Page, but was struggling to drive any sales from it. We designed a Facebook Ads ‘funnel’ approach to nurture their prospects from initial interest to raving customers.
  • We helped a niche training business extend their reach and engagement with content they were posting on Facebook. We helped them use Facebook Ads to generate new leads and drive repeat sales.
  • An AIM-listed technology company wanted to raise awareness and build a following for their new consumer electronic product launch. We used a combination of Facebook Ad types with dramatic results – almost overnight!
  • We trained a PR agency how to optimise ad targeting for a well-known furniture brand client to ensure their lovingly-crafted content was actually being seen by the exact people they wanted to reach.

Repeatable and measurable results

The above examples are not isolated cases; Facebook Ads work for almost every type of business. Yes, even B2B businesses! Once you’ve figured out how Facebook Ads can work for your business, you’ll turn every £1 (or $1 or 1€) of ad spend into a specific, measurable outcome – such as a purchase or a lead. This is genuine social media ROI – Return On Investment – and once you’ve got the Facebook Ads ‘machine’ working optimally you can simply crank up the ad spend and you’ll see direct increased results.

I hear you! How do I start?

Three options.

  1. DIY – just have a go on your own
    We’re not going to lie, for the uninitiated this is hard work. Be prepared to put in hours of setup, testing and a decent budget for your ad spend. But it’s entirely feasible and everyone has to start somewhere (even we started out as Facebook Ads novices 8 years ago). We’ve outlined the key aspects to consider at the end of this page and we regularly offer useful tips on our blog and email newsletter.
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  2. Do-It-Yourself with our coaching
    We train you (and your team if you like) on the best Facebook ad strategies for your business and explain what works and what doesn’t. We’ll either come to your offices or do it online via webinar if you prefer to keep costs down. We’ll help get you setup, handhold you through your first ad campaign, and fast-track you on the road to success. After that you’re in the driving seat. We’re not cheap but the money you invest with us will be more than made up for in saved time and reduced ad spend because we actually know what we’re doing (and so will you afterwards). Prices start from just £499 (excluding UK VAT, where applicable).
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  3. Done For You
    You probably don’t have the time, staff or budget (or maybe even inclination!) to commit to learning Facebook Ads, but you certainly don’t want to miss out on this valuable source of leads, sales and revenue. We’ve got you covered! Our team will assess your goals, target market, customer profile and timescales. From that we will build, test, run and analyse your Facebook ads on your behalf. We’ll regularly test and tweak to ensure your ads are fully optimised, meeting your objectives and – crucially – generating the results you want. Get a free, no obligation quote.

A bit more background on Facebook Ads

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