Advanced Social Media Masterclasses

Social media marketing training and video marketing training using the other social networks by Carlton Jefferis of The Digiterati

Advanced social media masterclasses in the “other” social networks

Facebook consumes a large chunk of people’s online time but in a multi-channel, always-connected world, brands need to be present – and relevant – across a range of digital outposts. Knowing what’s “working” RIGHT NOW is paramount. Otherwise you’ll invest time and resource in one method thinking it’s best practice only to then find out that you are completely wrong.

Our series of short courses, ranging from two hours to half a day, will give you a clear understanding of how each of the leading social media platforms can be used for maximum impact, which to select and how they can work together. You will take away actionable steps to help you optimise your social presence whether you’re a relative newcomer to social or a seasoned pro.

The sessions build on principles taught in the Facebook Marketing Masterclass and covers all the other major social media and video platforms: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn

Advanced Twitter Marketing – half day

Covering key Twitter optimisation tips, Twitter ads, analytics and measurement plus:

  • The latest on Twitter usage and trends
  • What the future holds in store for brands on Twitter
  • The tricks to building a valuable follower-base
  • Why no-one is seeing your tweets, and what to do about it
  • Twitter cards. The little-known technique to drastically enhance your Twitter content
  • How to reach a competitor’s followers with Twitter Ads
  • How to convert followers to sales leads

YouTube and Video Marketing – half day

  • A deep-dive into YouTube
  • How to take advantage of the second biggest search engine
  • What most brands are getting wrong
  • Why you shouldn’t obsess about video views (and what you should obsess about instead)
  • The key steps to optimising your YouTube channel and keep people viewing your content
  • Tricks and tips to optimising individual videos using little-used techniques including annotations and the new YouTube Cards, end cards and YouTube search techniques
  • Common mistakes to avoid that could get you into disputes
  • YouTube ads options, which work best, and how to use them
  • Measurement – YouTube Analytics that may surprise you

Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Snapchat and LinkedIn

Instagram – 3 hours

  • Using Instagram as a marketing tool
  • The type of images that work best
  • Building a following and community
  • Examples of brands that are engaging with Instagram users
  • What is coming with Instagram ads?

Pinterest – 2 hours

  • Who’s using Pinterest and what types of brands are best suited
  • How Pinterest can boost your SEO (or penalise it if done wrong)
  • Tips on what images to pin and how to optimise pins
  • Discover Rich Pins, Pinterest’s answer to Twitter Cards
  • The key things to distribute pinnable content as widely as possible
  • Understanding Pinterest Analytics
  • Pinterest Ads – what to expect and when it will become available

Snapchat – 2 hours

  • Who is active on Snapchat?
  • Is Snapchat a viable marketing tool for businesses?
  • What are the key considerations and limitation
  • How to build a follower base
  • Snapchat Stories – what they are and how marketers can use them
  • How are others using Snapchat in their marketing communications

LinkedIn – half day

  • Using LinkedIn to increase the visibility of your website content beyond the status update tool
  • Company Page best practice
  • Advertising using LinkedIn

About the Trainer

Carlton Jefferis is a senior consultant and trainer at The Digiterati, a team of experienced senior marketing practitioners with backgrounds in world-leading brands, agencies and technology startups.

Carlton has over 20 years experience working on pioneering Internet and digital marketing projects for a wide range of clients including Sony, AOL, Manchester United FC, Nationwide Building Society, AT&T, Autographer and a large number of start-up tech businesses.He advises clients of The Digiterati on commercial and sales strategy, digital marketing strategy, ecommerce and product development.

As a skilled, active social media practitioner he delivers public training and bespoke in-house courses on social media marketing, digital strategy and digital transformation. He also blogs for leading global digital marketing publisher, Smart Insights.

What about Facebook?

We have a separate training day focussing on Facebook Marketing.