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Ask the Digital Doc: What’s hot and what’s not in social media marketing right now?.

Dr Digital on what's hot in social media
One of our Digiterati colleagues, Sarah Alder, is delivering some social media training this week and as part of her research she decided to ask the Digital Doc (in this instance Marie and Carlton are sharing doctorley duties) on our opinions on the latest state of play on social. Here's the Q&A: Which social platforms do you see as the ones to watch and which are the ones to stop stressing about? Facebook may be a behemoth but it continues to innovate and with the latest changes to Messen...

Ask the Digital Doc: What does the new Facebook Messenger platform mean for the future of online customer service as well as customer reviews?.

We had a great chat yesterday (on Facebook Messenger, of course) with Mike Blumenthal, a local search specialist from Olean, NY who runs a feedback and review platform. He reckons that with the launch of Messenger Codes Facebook has salvaged QR codes from the technological dustbin. He asked whether we had seen much response to our early adopter use of the Messenger scan code (he actually found us via a Google image search which we thought was pretty cool and justifies how fastidious we are ab...