What about the “Other” Social Media? Training takeaways and reflections..

I just spent two days discussing Other Social Media (that is social media that isn’t Facebook) with a group of delegates at one of our in-person courses. The aim of the two days was to show delegates what works on these other platforms and how to choose the platforms best suited to their audiences. Facebook consumes a lot of people’s time online (so much so that we run a course dedicated just to Facebook) but any brand needs to have a consistent presence across multiple platforms. We l...

Ask the Digital Doc: What’s hot and what’s not in social media marketing right now?.

Dr Digital on what's hot in social media
One of our Digiterati colleagues, Sarah Alder, is delivering some social media training this week and as part of her research she decided to ask the Digital Doc (in this instance Marie and Carlton are sharing doctorley duties) on our opinions on the latest state of play on social. Here's the Q&A: Which social platforms do you see as the ones to watch and which are the ones to stop stressing about? Facebook may be a behemoth but it continues to innovate and with the latest changes to Messen...

Case Study: How having a sense of humour through social media can build business and strengthen customer relationships.

B2B use of social media FreeAgent case study
The story of how an accounting software company used social media to retain and gain new customers and build existing relationships Can accounting software be life-changing? For some, the answer is a resounding yes. FreeAgent is a multi-award winning online accounting system specifically for freelancers and micro businesses, and some of their 40,000 customers feel quite passionate about how much easier it’s made doing business for them. So passionate that they’re often quick to share th...