Building brand impact using content in 5 easy steps.

building content in 5 steps
Content marketing can help you to build your brand whatever your size or industry. In addition to improving your reputation and strengthening your brand positioning, great content can also initiate new client conversations, improve your customer engagement and reinforce purchase decisions. Key to success is crystallising your message   Just this week Cambridge professor, Dr Victoria Bateman exposed herself on the BBC Today programme in order to ‘condense all her words down to a one p...

Are you ready to meet the press?.

Preparing to meet the press
Many entrepreneurs are apprehensive about meeting and talking to the press, says business journalist and media trainer Jon Card who writes this guest article for us. 5 media interview lessons for business owners An interview with a journalist and the resulting press coverage can be a worry for business leaders. This is understandable as the British media has a fearsome reputation. Furthermore, most interviews you see or hear are carried out by broadcasters. But the interview techniques employe...

Digital PR on a budget: How to get awesome press links for SMEs.

Corinne Card, co-founder of Full Story Media and Coverage Class, gave a brilliant presentation at April's BrightonSEO which is totally on-topic for so many of The Digiterati's clients and subscribers. We've used a number of this tools and techniques ourselves and ended up with mainstream news and even TV coverage as a result! Here's her guest blog post on the topic of her talk and a video of the talk itself: If you want to get awesome press and links for your company, and you don...

Awesome tools for remote working: a case study.

The media have been awash for years about the trend towards remote working - executives hosting conference calls in their slippers from a makeshift office in the garden shed. And at The Digiterati, we are no strangers to the advantages of the virtual office environment: our team is based in Bristol, Hertfordshire and London yet our service is really no different (except in our overheads and stress levels) to that we would provide if we ran from an expensive city centre office. So I thought we...

Lolcats to London Fashion Week: social engagement with AwesomeWall.

Social Media user engagement tool AwesomeWall
I (Marie) worked with the team from We Make Awesome Sh a few weeks ago for an outdoor music event. Whilst I was working on social media, the Awesome Sh team were busy building the "AwesomeWall". So much more than a bunch of hashtagged word-based tweets, the wall surfaced images from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were uploaded and hashtagged throughout the event. To my mind this marks another step change in tools for live user engagement for brands. I asked the team to do us a little guest b...

Facebook image dimensions: free infographic.

We're big fans of Jon Loomer at The Digiterati and we're delighted to see his comprehensive 2015 Facebook image dimensions infographic. Particularly like the distinction given to the mobile safe area on the cover photo because so many brands fail to check the look of their photo on anything other than desktop. Courtesy of:

Case Study: How having a sense of humour through social media can build business and strengthen customer relationships.

B2B use of social media FreeAgent case study
The story of how an accounting software company used social media to retain and gain new customers and build existing relationships Can accounting software be life-changing? For some, the answer is a resounding yes. FreeAgent is a multi-award winning online accounting system specifically for freelancers and micro businesses, and some of their 40,000 customers feel quite passionate about how much easier it’s made doing business for them. So passionate that they’re often quick to share th...

5 reasons to become a T-shaped marketer.

At The Digiterati we often talk about ourselves as being "a mile deep" on certain topics. For me, having spent the last few years focussed on Facebook marketing, I'd suggest that I'm a mile deep in Facebook and an inch or so deep across a mile of other social media approaches. What we find with our clients, whether agencies or multi-tasking in-house marketing teams, is that the pressure to deliver on all fronts means that they are an inch deep in everything but fail to develop any mile deep sp...