Taking the Pulse – episode 1

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Taking the Pulse – episode 1Taking The Pulse – EPISODE 1 – Our summary of the latest news on key digital marketing platforms, keeping you updated on the stuff that matters to your business

Posted by The Digiterati on Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Facebook: racing heart rate

  • Algorithm update: Facebook to use the time people spend reading articles to rank posts
    Facebook will start ranking links shared in posts by how much time people spend reading them in their mobile app. Why only the mobile app you ask? Because when you open a link, Instant Article or view a video in the Facebook app it loads within the FB app so they can track the time you spend on it, whereas on desktop links open in new tabs in your web browser over which Facebook has no control.
    The algorithm is also being tweaked to reduce the number of posts in a row that people see in their newsfeed from the same publisher.
    Read the announcement here.
  • Facebook enable brands to tailor Instant Replies and customised messages
    This is part of many updates we will see to Messenger in the coming months as Facebook steals a march on Twitter with customer service use as well as using Artificial Intelligence Messenger Bots to respond to queries.
    For now we’ve created a short how-to video showing how to tailor Instant Replies and create customised, personalised messages
  • Facebook removes the restriction on brands using the FB logo and name in ads
    This is good news for those niche brands that want to mention Facebook in advertising, for instance, a company running Facebook training. A number of restrictions remain but we’ve got the low down here.
  • Facebook cracks down on “freebooting” with Rights Manager
    YouTube (and many brands) have rightly been frustrated by Pages ripping YouTube and other videos that they don’t rightfully own and uploading to their own Facebook Pages without appropriate licensing or credits. Some brands have built huge followings on the back of such practices which are a contravention of copyright.
    Facebook has responded with Rights Manager which enables you to upload video that you are the rightful owner of, specify agreed usage and report violations. It’s a relatively simple process to apply for and should help protect legitimate content owners.
  • Possible changes to newsfeed layout which Mashable describes as “massive”
    According to of screenshots shared on Twitter, Facebook is experimenting with a new mobile layout that prioritises news categories, including World & US, Sports and Food. Given how Media, News & Publishing brands seem to have been favoured by the algorithm in recent months this is not a huge surprise. With Instant Articles and the push on video, it’s clear that Facebook wants to be the prime channel for news discovery.

And not exactly an update, but last week a bug resulted in Pages auto-liking their own content:

Hootsuite + YouTube: feeling the lurve

Snapchat: move fast. Hey, not so fast!

    • Snapchat is the best thing since sliced bread – if you’re a celebrity that is! Common-sense prevails in this useful article declaring Snapchat a complete waste of time for most businesses right now. However, as always, we urge you to consider YOUR business and YOUR audience and not follow the hype one way of the other. Here are Carlton’s quick thoughts on Snapchat

Missed our last update?

Where the heck were you?! Don’t worry – go check out our previous round-up of Facebook changes. It was an epic instalment!

  • Masses of changes to Facebook Live
  • “Relaxing” of the 20% ad rule
  • Simplification of Power Editor to look more like the Ads Manager
  • Detailed targeting for “overlapping” interest targeting
  • Cover image size specification change
  • Instant Articles available for all Pages
  • Big updates to Messenger in the pipeline starting with a “QR” code type scannable logo
  • Private messaging updates including the ability to temporarily turn off messaging
  • Save button revamp for embedding on webpages
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