Unlocking the Instagram algorithm.

The Instagram Newsfeed Algorithm
Instagram joined the social media providers that are signed-up members of Team Algo a while ago now and whilst we all claim to hate the interference with a time-sequenced, chronological news feed, all the indications are that the algorithm delivers results that are beneficial to users. [Tweet "Since Instagram introduced its algorithm over a chronological feed user time on the app has risen"] Before the introduction of Instagram's algorithm, users were spending around 21 minutes per day in ...

The party’s over: Instagram ads are essential for 2016.

Did you know that since September 2015 any business could buy and place adverts on Instagram? Better still, they could do this easily using Facebook's existing Ad tools with no new system to learn! Sounds good, right? But what does this tell us about Instagram? The significance of this news wasn't lost on me at the time Instagram rolled out ads to every advertiser, yet even to this day it seems to have been largely glossed-over by mainstream social media news sources....