Social media content idea: WordSmith Cards.

Originally designed as a cure for writer's block, WordSmith (or Hemingway) Cards are a great tool to help you devise content for blog posts, newsletter content and even social media questions. I came across them (inevitably) via a Facebook ad (you can watch the video here) and it struck me that they could be a useful tool for social media managers desperately trying to think of new engaging questions they could ask of their Facebook Group fans or Page followers. The WordSsmith Deck include...

Building brand impact using content in 5 easy steps.

building content in 5 steps
Content marketing can help you to build your brand whatever your size or industry. In addition to improving your reputation and strengthening your brand positioning, great content can also initiate new client conversations, improve your customer engagement and reinforce purchase decisions. Key to success is crystallising your message   Just this week Cambridge professor, Dr Victoria Bateman exposed herself on the BBC Today programme in order to ‘condense all her words down to a one p...

Our biggest course to date is now live (and it’s not about Facebook!).

Funnel Marketing Course
Online funnel marketing course Carlton and I have spent the last few months immersed in a technique that we are calling online funnel marketing. The concept of funnels or customer ladders won't be new to many marketers, but the online funnel does have a well established, and effective prescriptive pattern. We've been researching best practice examples, reading the textbooks, watching the webinars and experimenting with a few funnels of our own in order to bring you the definitive course...

Jab, jab, jab, lead magnet, tripwire, hook: sales funnels that convert.

Online sales funnel
"We tried Facebook advertising but it didn't seem to work for us." The above is a very common response I've heard when trying to argue the merits of advertising on Facebook with a new client. "Ah but what was your sales funnel?" will generally be my response. To be met with a blank look. Interruptive advertising to cold audiences doesn't work Too many businesses are using Facebook ads in the unsophisticated "interruptive" advertising methodology of past centuries assuming that if we jus...