Facebook Page cover photo data capture hack

Facebook Cover Photo Email address data capture

Looking for a way of collecting email addresses for Facebook fans without using lead gen ads?

You can use your Facebook Page cover photo as a data capture device.

But I didn’t realise Facebook cover photos were clickable?

All photos on Facebook are clickable and when clicked users get to see whatever text information (and clickable links) you like about the picture.

So create your irresistible offer (you know – the thing you will give away as a thank you for the email address) and create a new cover photo.

We’d recommend creating your cover image 1920px x 1080px (note this is a lot deeper than the traditional letterbox size). We’ve an extensive article on Facebook cover photo size specifications if you want to know more.

Make sure that any text is within the safe area as shown below. This means that it won’t get cropped out of the photo on desktop or tablet (this size image will render in full on a smartphone).

Facebook Cover image as a data capture tool

Get your data capture form set up on your website (Mailchimp, Infusionsoft – etc etc) along with a nice description of your freebie and paste that url along with a description into the Edit field of the new cover photo when you upload it to Facebook.

Edit Facebook Cover Photo to include a link

You might also put the url of your freebie into the Call To Action button (I’ve highlighted this ‘Learn More’ button in the first screen grab at the top of this blogpost).

We call the freebie a “Lead Magnet”. I’ve written about funnel marketing previously so do have a look at that if you would like more info.

The idea is that once you have the email address you then send a sequence of relevant and targeted messages to the recipient that are congruent with the freebie they signed up for. So in the case of our Digiterati Academy course on Facebook Groups we would be sending more information and offers about our other Facebook courses and resources.

Here’s how the same cover photo looks on mobile/smartphone:

Facebook Cover Photo on Mobile

If you click on the picture what then surfaces is the text you have associated with the photo, and, crucially, the clickable link.


Digiterati freebies to help you create Facebook cover photos the right size


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