Recommended Facebook Group cover image size

There are guides for recommended Facebook Page cover images all over the internet but accurate (and up-to-date) recommendations on GROUP image sizes are hard to come by.

The traditional Facebook Page cover images (we call this the “letterbox size”) is 820 x 312 pixels. On these designers need to be careful where text is placed on the image because it will often be cropped on mobile or have Facebook-imposed text sitting on top of it.

Facebook GROUP cover images are different again. Facebook says “Keep in mind that your cover photo must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall” but in our experiments we find that size quite grainy. The letterbox size for Groups is 820 x 250. We actually recommend you create this in 1920 x 585 for optimum display using Retina Screens.

[UPDATE December 2017: Check out the full breakdown of our new recommended cover photo sizes for Groups, Pages and Profiles.]

Optimum dimensions for a Facebook Group cover image

However, our designer reckons that the optimum size for Group cover images is 1920 x 1080 pixels [UPDATED December 2017 – graphics below relate to previous shallow letterbox size and cropping. See our new recommended cover photo sizes for Groups, Pages and Profiles]. This is a deep image which can be moved up and down for desktop browsers. In the centre of that is an area where we recommend you insert any text.

See the Musicademy cover image below. The shaded area at the top is what is visible on both desktop and mobile. If you put text either side of that it will be cropped on mobile. And if you put text below that you will find Facebook copy gets popped on top of it.

Facebook Cover Image Dimension

Here’s how that image looks on desktop:Facebook Cover Image Dimensions Best Practice

And here is how it looks on the browser version of Facebook on mobile (left) and also the mobile app (right):

Mobile variants of Facebook Group Cover Images

So all is well with our design. At least until you look at it on the Groups app and this happens:

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions Mobile App

You’re probably aware that the Groups app is now obsolete (2017) but we’ve kept the image as an example of a circular crop as you will see it surface like that in other places too.

Back to the drawing board with this as a suggested compromise that will look fine wherever it surfaces has the copy in dead centre:

Facebook Group Image Size optimum

How not to do it

I actually really struggled to find examples of Facebook Group cover pictures that didn’t have some compromise when viewed on mobile. To call out a couple of examples here is Mari Smith and Social Media Masterminds. Both have very nice cover images designed for desktop:

Facebook Group Photo Dimensions on Desktop Facebook Group Cover Image Dimensions on Desktop

But both suffer from text being cropped on mobile with Social Media Masterminds additionally finding copy being covered over by Facebook’s Group name text.

Facebook Group Cover Image size problems on mobile

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