Marie’s interview on current affairs show ITV Tonight: Facebook data and ads targeting special.

Marie Page on ITV Tonight with Adam Shaw
I've just come back from being interviewed by journalist Adam Shaw for ITV's current affairs programme Tonight. It airs on 3rd May. Getting the 'Zuckerberg-before-Congress' treatment from a significantly better informed interviewer than a cavern of crumbling Senators was only slightly less terrifying while I defended Facebook's use of data in enabling small companies to efficiently target people that may genuinely be interested in their services. In true journo fashion Adam continually re...

How to simply test different images and ad copy with Facebook’s Dynamic Creative.

I have a confession. For the last couple of years I've often used AdEspresso over Facebook's Ads Manager or Power Editor when creating Facebook ad campaigns. Initially it was because AdEspresso allowed me the holy grail of being able to target people with more than one interest. Then Facebook rolled this out into Power Editor and called it Detailed Targeting. But by then AdEspresso had me well and truly sucked in because a) it's platform is soooo super easy to use and b) it enabled inte...

Facebook Zero: How have our recommendations for Pages changed?.

Facebook Zero
I'm writing this a few days after what has become known as Facebook Zero. The day that Facebook appeared to suggest we might be looking at a future of zero organic reach for Pages. I've read through reams of recommendations from experts and been inundated with ads on my News Feed from gurus offering the solution to fix the problem of Facebook Zero. And it all got me thinking about how my own recommendations when I'm training clients might change. What I'm now recommending to clients in...

Facebook videos under 30 seconds loop continuously.

All Facebook videos that are shorter than 30 seconds long now loop continuously, according to a pre-announcement emailed to Facebook Marketing Partners on 23rd May, tweeted by Nic Sharma: ???? .@facebook is going to start looping all videos under 30 seconds and allow advertisers to place CTA buttons alongside the video ???? — Nik Sharma (@mrsharma) May 23, 2016 @MosheIsaacian @facebook Facebook Marketing Partner email update — Nik Sharma (@mrsharma) May 24, 2016 I can ...

The new Facebook rule on branded content that’s freaking everyone out.

New Facebook branded content rules
Facebook revised it's rules on branded content on 26 April (link to the policy here, link to the announcement here, how to get access to the Branded Content tool here). It's part of a move to ensure that Pages disclose the commercial nature of content that they post.   A few blogs, and in particular one from Comoblog (I'm not going to link to it here because the article is arguably misleading and misinformed), have been stirring up concern and confusion amongst marketers.   We want...

9 reasons why you should be advertising on Facebook.

Facebook ads service
It's simply astonishing that brands haven't woken up to how low reach figures are for their "organic" posts on Facebook. We're no longer in 2009. Gone are the heady days of 40+% reach on even the most lazy of updates - today you can achieve double figures in one of two ways: with extraordinarily viral content, or by paying for reach. Paid reach is achieved by paying to boost a post, or for an ad. The graphic below sums up the current state-of-affairs and it is only going t...

The right and wrong way to use Facebook carousel ads [Video].

Facebook Carousel Ads
We see so many brands using this great little ads tool all wrong. Learn how to do it well with this quick video lesson. Plenty to pick up here for using the carousel tool at it's best for organic updates too. This is just as relevant for the organic use of the carousel tool. Here's an example of an organic update I created for Musicademy. Note that each photo has different text associated with it.  

[Experiment] What happens when your Facebook ad image contains A LOT of text?.

What happens when your Facebook ad image contains A LOT of text? We wrote recently about how the 20% text rule in ads has been scrapped (for now just in the UK and Ireland) and said at the time that our interpretation of it was a "relaxing" rather than an axing of the rule. Well we've been experimenting with some deliberately text-heavy ads to see the impact all that text has on reach and it is indeed still a significant factor. Facebook simply does not want newsfeeds chock full of wordy ima...