BrightonSEO talk: How to get Facebook Groups Working for Your Business.

Marie Page at BrightonSEO 2019 This is a pre-recorded video of the talk I gave at BrightonSEO. How to get Facebook Groups working for your business   Facebook is a bit rubbish nowadays isn’t it? All those privacy scandals. A news feed full of ads no one wants to see. And it’s seen as a bit crap both for users and for businesses. Organic reach is falling. Average reach is currently around 7% but some Pages see it much lower than that. Engagement is also falling. The median...

Harnessing the Power of Facebook Groups: BrightonSEO Talk.

Marie Page's conference talk at BrightonSEO Transcript for the video and BrightonSEO conference talk:  Over a year ago the media started reporting on a phenomenon called Context Collapse. Facebook was apparently terrified because despite spending increasing amounts of time on the platform people were sharing less and less intimate information about themselves. We’ve since seen a slew of new features such as “On This Day” that encourage people to share updates. [Tweet "#BrightonSEO c...

Harnessing the Power of Facebook Groups Part 2.

BrightonSEO Facebook Groups Bonus Content
The bit of the talk that didn't make the cut for BrightonSEO Most BrightonSEO talks are just 20 minutes long. It's tough cramming everything into a topic in that time. So inevitably I ended up culling a lot of my slide deck. This video and blog post covers the bits that got edited out. Still super useful for anyone about to launch or thinking about launching a Facebook Group. If you missed Part One you can find it here. Blog post variant of a transcript for the Part 2 video below: Group ...

First glimpse of new Facebook Group Admin Tools Hub.

That didn't take long! As announced by Facebook Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox last week (see my blog post on the announcements), a change has been made to Facebook Groups pulling all the Admin tools and insights into a single place. We are currently only seeing the new feature on mobile and, as with any major change, Facebook is highlighting the new feature:   The admin hub is designed to help Admins streamline their management of the Group and ease the day-to-day tasks such ...

Notes from the Facebook Communities Summit Europe.

Chris Cox speech facebook communities summit
Missed the Facebook Communities Summit? Here are the key points from the keynote speech. Chief Product Officer Chris Cox flew into Europe to make some big announcements in relation to the new Facebook mission of building communities. In attendance at the two-day event were some of Europe's top Facebook community builders: group admins, event creators, and page admins. You can watch the video here but I've summarised the key points below: 4 new features for Facebook Groups This was...

Facebook News Feed Update. It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Facebook Zero
Facebook Zero? The end  is nigh for Pages? I woke up this morning to a news feed full of Facebook doom for Pages. The usual suspects have jumped onto a late Facebook/Zuckerberg announcement overnight, all determined to get their slice of the PR fallout. Social Media Examiner have suggested that it marks the end of the News Feed for Pages Mari Smith has called it "Facebook Zero" Andrea Vahl asked whether reach for Pages might go away completely Mark Zuckerberg's...

How one Facebook Group uses the controversial “Add Members” function as a major charitable fundraising technique.

New model of charity fundraising using a Facebook Group
I got unexpectedly added to a Facebook Group the other week and boy did it get my social media etiquette hackles raised. I coach a lot of people on how to setup and run Facebook Groups and one of my most basic rules is not to add people to the Group without permission. None of us likes finding ourselves on a mailing list we didn't sign up for and it's the same with Facebook - we want to control our own likes thank you. And of course legal frameworks such as CAN-SPAM and the Privacy and Electr...

How to calculate the reach of your Facebook GROUP!.

How to measure the Reach of a Facebook Group
I've been recommending that organisations shift focus away from Facebook Pages to Groups for a while. Groups have significantly better organic reach and are way better for engagement. However, I've never really been able to back up the claim about reach because despite Insights for Facebook Groups now being available, that data doesn't actually show reach figures. Perhaps Facebook doesn't want this figure widely publicised? You can get a slew of information on member numbers and masses on ...