Facebook Ad Campaign Structure.

We have just added a new module to our Zero to Hero with Facebook Ads course in the Digiterati Academy.Whilst the course isn't that old, of course things change all the time on Facebook so we regularly issue updates on all our key courses. What happens where in Facebook Ads Manager Ads Manager has seen a considerable visual upgrade and gets ever more complex. We've therefore created a visualisation of the Ad Campaign structure so that advertisers can easily see what is done at what level. ...

BrightonSEO talk: How to get Facebook Groups Working for Your Business.

Marie Page at BrightonSEO 2019 This is a pre-recorded video of the talk I gave at BrightonSEO. How to get Facebook Groups working for your business Facebook is a bit rubbish nowadays isn’t it? All those privacy scandals. A news feed full of ads no one wants to see. And it’s seen as a bit crap both for users and for businesses.Organic reach is falling. Average reach is currently around 7% but some Pages see it much lower than that.Engagement is also falling. The median...

Case study: SEO for a website that was virtually invisible on Google.

I am increasingly working with clients nowadays that chime with causes and activities I personally love to do. So we have a lot of vegan clients and are delighted to work with Portuguese yoga retreat Vale de Moses (VdM) to improve their website, and in particular it's performance in Google search where it had previously been virtually invisible. Non tech savvy clients and the importance of incognito search Vale de Moses had an ancient site that ticked lots of SEO red flags - it was not mobile ...

How to invite people who like your post to like you Page EN MASSE!.

I've posted before about a little trick whereby you can manually invite people who have liked your Page's Facebook posts to then like the Page.This manual method is explained in the video at the bottom of the article.But for a post with hundreds of likes that is an awful lot of scrolling and clicking. That's a nice problem to have because the post has clearly gone viral but it does take ages to action.Instead there is a little javascript hack you can use in Chrome which will do this ...

8 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Don’t Convert.

Targeting the wrong people
So many small business social media marketers are massively disappointed in Facebook.Disappointed because they can’t reach more than a tiny percentage of their fans without paying for boosts.Disappointed because when they finally relent and try some advertising their ad campaigns never seem to convert in the numbers they were hoping for.Why might this be?With so much of our news feed featuring ads might it be that many people are simply ad blind now unless they come across some s...

Digiterati INSIDERS: for marketers wanting the INSIDE track.

Digiterati Inside Track Facebook Group
Digiterati INSIDE Track Facebook Group Our Facebook Group (Digiterati INSIDE Track) is one of the most valuable things we bring to the digital marketing community.It's a vibrant place full of insight, advice and support; full of marketing specialists, entrepreneurs, business owners, consultants and freelancers. It's the most incredible support network and we have a lot of people who would like to have access that to date we've closed our doors to.The Group is a great place to ask...

Can Facebook Pages join Facebook Groups?.

I wrote an article earlier this year about how to post as a Facebook Page in your Facebook Group and have been inundated with questions since from people confused as to how you join a Facebook Group as a Page.https://thedigiterati.com/link-facebook-group-to-page/Now what people have failed to figure out is that the functionality I was explaining was (and remains for most) only possible when you admin both the Page and the Group.It's not been helped by rumours that Facebook has opened...

How to create a Facebook Instant Experience Ad (previously known as Canvas Ads).

Creating an Instant Experience (Canvas) ad
I love that despite the proliferation of Facebook and Facebook ads in our lives there are still little Cinderella techniques that fall below the radar for most Pages and Advertisers but are pure gold for those admins who can be bothered to do the work.Innovative techniques tend to do well to bypass ad blindness and the incessant thumb scroll. You also find that new or unusual techniques are favoured by the Facebook News Feed and Ad algorithms.Canvas (or as they are now known 'Instant Exp...