Running a competition that doesn’t land you in Facebook jail

Facebook competitions
I've lost count of the number of messages I've sent to friends who have shared a competition to my timeline in the misinformed belief that in doing so they stood a chance of winning a prize. Not only does the competition touting Page in question have little clue as to who has shared it's spammy post (your privacy settings will be why), but it actually faces a real possibility of landing in Facebook jail with reduced Page access or even the immediate removal of the Page. Running a competiti...

[New!] In-depth fan data on your Facebook Page + FaceBug fix!

People and Other Pages Facebook fan info
Drilling down for info on individual fans of your Facebook Page has always been very limited. As part of Facebook's new Page layout a bunch of new tools are emerging and the "People and Other Pages" data is awesome. Found (bizarrely as it would logically fit better in Insights) under the Settings tab, you can see a list of the people (and Pages) that like you Page, together with their profile pictures and the date they became a fan. I can see that this might be useful if you were going to awa...

New Facebook Page design: How to re-order the left and right hand columns

Manage Sections on Facebook Page Right Column
How to move the sections on your Facebook Page's left and right hand columns Facebook's new Page design may well have left your Page displaying some elements less prominently than you would like. The right hand column in particular can leave users scrolling for an eternity until they find the content they are looking for. Some of the sections in the left and right hand columns can be moved around.  In the left hand column scroll to the "Manage Tabs" option: You'll then get the change ...

How to share visitor (Facebook fan) posts to your timeline

Share visitor posts on Facebook timeline
With the recent introduction of new look Facebook Pages a few basic functions have apparently disappeared undergone a tweak. Most Pages allow their fans to post publicly on their timelines and these posts surface in the, now left hand column, "Visitor Posts". That column is now very hidden and requires a lot of scrolling down the Page to see it so visibility for the fan is going to be pretty low (it's one of the many reasons that brand that value original fan content prefer Groups where membe...

Facebook is dead. Long live Facebook.

Facebook Group Screen shot
How and why a Facebook Group might be the answer to your reach problem I've lost count of the number of times Carlton and I have said to people over the last year that if you're not paying for reach on Facebook you're wasting your time. I'm astonished by the number of organisations that are still doing Facebook marketing like it's 2009. It's not just that reach is so much more challenging than before, engagement is more elusive too. Where previously people were merrily liking your conte...

New Facebook feature: Notify a friend

The eagle eyed Carlton spotted a new Facebook feature today. If you look carefully in the post below you'll see a little loud speaker icon and the suggestion to "Notify a few friends about this post": Here's the sequence of what happens when you click "Get Started": Of course he decided to test it out with me so sent off the notification: He's then told that I will get a notification: And I duly received a little pop up about the post (which I managed not to screen grab!)...

Facebook Page reach up by 60% since November 2015

Yes you read that right. According to a new study by Locowise, reach on Facebook Pages has perked up somewhat since hitting the doldrums at an all time low in November 2015. Of the Pages considered in the study, average reach was 11.41% for March 2016. As we've reported in recent months, video is the reach conqueror with an average video post reaching 12.81% of the audience. Photos hit 12.04% and links 10%. Plain text status updates reached 6.45%. We've asked Locowise to clarify how...

The right and wrong way to use Facebook carousel ads [Video]

Facebook Carousel Ads
We see so many brands using this great little ads tool all wrong. Learn how to do it well with this quick video lesson. Plenty to pick up here for using the carousel tool at it's best for organic updates too. This is just as relevant for the organic use of the carousel tool. Here's an example of an organic update I created for Musicademy. Note that each photo has different text associated with it.